About Ichthus College

The Ichthus College is a secondary school for vmbo-tl (pre-vocational education), havo (higher general secondary education) and vwo (pre-university education). Our school has around 2,000 students. They are taught at one location. Big? Not really, because the building is organized in such a way that school feels small-scaled. You can see that in the way the building is divided. Each department has its own place and atmosphere so that you feel safe and comfortable and know you are not invisible. Each curriculum (VMBO-TL, HAVO and VWO) is a school in itself with its own director, which is nice and clear. As a result, we know our students well. Moreover, we aim to provide education which leverages your unique talents and skills as much as possible. You are not only seen but you feel taken seriously as well.

We are Ichthus College, a Christian school on a reformational basis. The Bible is our compass. Together with all our pupils, we are a mini-society. This is how we prepare you for a follow-up study and for society.

In the middle of society
At school you receive education of the best quality. Matching your talents, the developments in society and the identity of our school. With our education we are in the midst of society.

Security and openness
We think it is important that you can develop and that you will flourish. That you can get along well with fellow students and teachers. In addition, we find it important that you can express what you find important. That is why we pay a lot of attention to an atmosphere of safety and openness. We do this on the basis of the values and norms of the Bible. This is the foundation of our educational approach.

The Word of God central
At our school the Word of God is central. Every day we make His Name known to you: I-CH-TH-U-S. Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior. Why do we do that? Because we find it important that you realize that you are valuable in the eyes of God; apart from your talents and possibilities. We are happy to help you discover what really matters. So that you learn to stand firm and learn to take responsibility; as a Christian and as a citizen.

Accessible to everyone

Our school offers a place for everyone who feels at home in and has respect for the Christian climate of our school. This triggers educational and respectful conversations about each other's vision of the Christian faith. This is valuable for your development and formation!

Ichthus College: Christian Global Citizen school

The Ichthus College inspires pupils to deeply-rooted education that looks across borders. Deeply rooted because want to make a connection between the biblical view and our daily educational pratice and looking across borders because within our school we are always looking for further improvement of education and learning in an international context.

The Ichthus College, an Elos school
The world is changing fast. Through modern techniques it is possible to make contact with people anywhere in the world. It has become possible to meet colleagues from other countries via a video conference, skype with family in America, send a Whatsapp to a holiday friend from Romania; it has all become very common.

We think it is important that the students of the Ichthus College are well prepared for the future. That future will be more and more international, not only in the world around us but even in our own country. It also means that students must be able to communicate well in foreign languages.

That is why Ichthus chose to become a Global Citizen school.

What does it mean, a Global Citizen school? The Global Citizen programme is a special internationalization programme and in this programme we want to emphasize three things

  • foreign language teaching is important: besides graduating with French, German and English in your curriculum, you can obtain additional language certificates for English, German and French at our school.
  • knowledge of the international world : we provide our pupils with knowledge of European and international institutions and organisations, knowledge of European countries and of everything that has to do with Europe. But also knowledge of christian institutions and organisations.
  • communicative skills: students must be able to make contact with pupils from other countries, to collaborate together on international projects and to share experiences and opinions with students from a different background. Additionally, we think it is important for students to realize that the church of Christ is an international church and that it is inspiring to make contact with young people from christian schools or from churches in other countries.